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"I like that the items selected for the box were high quality, so I don’t have to worry about items falling apart.  Outside the Book keeps your children busy all month long, and includes activities that children want to do."


Quotes From Moms:

"Our family has lots of fall birthdays ... and with them falling so close to Christmas... we are often asked what our kids "need". To be honest they don't need anything! We do love for them to have experiences, learn, and give back to important causes if possible. 
That's why these boxes by Cheeky Days are perfect."


"I've often wondered how to make giving back and being thankful part of our family life, especially with our 4yr old son, so I was particularly excited to try the community activities in Outside The Box. My son and I got together to decorate and fill a 'care bag' to give to a homeless person, which was a really fun activity to share. When we were done he asked me who we could give the bag to, who were our homeless friends. I had to answer that we didn't have any friends without homes, which led into a very real conversation about how some people have more than other people and why that was. It was an amazing learning moment for both of us! "

– Kate

"Cheeky Days Outside The Box is not only products or crafts for your family but it is where you get to learn life lessons while having fun with your family. My little girls learned about serving others, using kind words, and loving people for who they are. It was such a beautiful and meaningful way to spend time with our girls. We absolutely loved it! Thank you Cheeky Days for putting together such an amazing product"

– Cristina

"Outside The Box is truly a gift for the whole family. The time spent together, the skills gained while creating, the life lesson of getting out and sharing- making a difference. I hope every family gets to experience this."

– Chevonne

"I'm a working mom, it's not easy to come up with creative ideas that inspire all the time. This box is a game changer. Quality time with my child and a chance to get out in the community and do great things, perfect combination!"

– Laura

"My boys were so excited to get their Outside the Box! We sat down as a family to make bookmarks and necklaces. We talked about giving the necklace to one of our neighbors as a random act of kindness. Outside the Box is the Pinterest board I'll never make and the craft supplies I'll never buy. And it shows up on my doorstep!"

– Amy


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