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Mindfulness BOX 
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Every Box is partnered with a nonprofit and curated with a theme to empower little ones to Play + Create + Give Back
Inside The Box...
  • Monthly Theme! -What is mindfulness? Why should kids practice mindfulness? This BOX is created to teach our littles about mindfulness and how to incorporate it into our every day lives... even for the most high energy littles!
  • Imaginative Play! -An adorable & relaxing Lavender Animal Eye Pillow... I mean who wouldn't want to relax with a penguin or tiger over their eyes!
  • A Featured Picture Book! -Penguin Problems, A sweet & magical children's book that opens up a conversation about perspective and being present. We all have problems and struggles, but when we are mindful and shift our perspective magical things can happen!
  • Craft & Activity Kits! -5 Crafts and Activities, we include what you need (so no last minute runs to Target or Michaels for craft supplies), for building, for creating, for sparking imagination, because we believe littles learn through play!
  • Conversation Starters! -Selected questions to spark conversations about the theme in a natural way as you read, play and create with your little one! 
  • A Surprise Gift! -A special essential oils blend for mom in a convenient roller!
  • A Family Give Back Challenge -Using everything in the box to teach little ones through their play & creativity to giveback and build community
  • Partner with a non profit! -Hand To Heart Yoga, We give back with each box sold + you and your little ones give back through the activities in your box so together we make an impact! 
What Moms are saying...
"I'm a working mom, it's not easy to come up with creative ideas that inspire all the time. This box is a game changer. Quality time with my child and a chance to get out in the community and do great things, perfect combination!"
– Laura
($70 Retail Value)!

Designed for families with children ages 3-7. We highly recommend adult supervision during all crafts and activities.

Did you know by age 2 children notice gender and racial differences?

Find Out How To Talk To Your Littles About Diversity Through Play!