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Our 5 Steps to Embracing Minimalism as a Family

Our 5 Steps to Embracing Minimalism as a Family
“I’d been running in one direction as fast as I could, chasing this abstract thing called happiness, but I’d been running the wrong way. I was sprinting east looking for a sunset, when all I really had to do was turn around and walk– not run, just walk– in the other direction.” -The Minimalist
Have y’all ever felt this way?
Like you’re running after something or working so hard to make this (whatever this is) work?
I felt that way when I knew it was time to say goodbye to a job that I had loved for so long, but in my heart knew it wasn’t really where I should be anymore. And again last year, as a family, we felt the same way. Over the years of marriage and parenthood and working we realized we were filling our lives with stuff. Stuff we had to work harder or longer to buy, it’s like we were running towards something that left us feeling more frustrated and exhausted, but not more content and fulfilled. So we stopped and took a step in a different direction.
I wouldn’t say we’re card-carrying “minimalist”, but we took a step to explore and embrace minimalism as a family.
Soooooo, what is minimalism anyway?
I’ve experienced two different reactions when I utter the word minimalism;

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